Why join Shotokan Karate Council International?


SKCI is a non for profit international karate organization established to help and foster the growth of Karate in Pakistan and ultimately the world. Our head-quarters are in Lahore, Pakistan. We are the only organization that issues any country 5 year membership completely free of cost. SKCI is for those who love karate and want to play a vital role for the promotion of this art. Join us no matter where you live in the world and show your talent and passion on national and an international level. For more information contact:

.Mobile: +923204558790

.E-mail: senseianwar@yahoo.com

Shotokan Karate Council International Structure:

SKCI was established on the 15th of September, 2013 by Renshi Muhammad Anwar. Our organization is affiliated with World Martial Arts Council (WHQ) UK & World Karate & Health Union (WKHU) Tunisia.

To see our member countries refer to the members menu.

International Head-Quarters address:

137 Link-Road Lahore, Pakistan (54840)

E-mail: senseianwar@yahoo.com


Founder & Supreme Instructor

Renshi Muhammad Anwar

About Renshi Muhammad Anwar:

1- Date of birth: 1969

2- Started Karate in: 1988 (JKA Shotokan In Lahore)

3- Black Belt 7th Dan awarded on 23rd April, 2015 from WSF (WHQ)

4- Founder & President of SKCI since 15th September, 2013

5- Founder & President of WKRC (World Karate Research Council)

6- Ex-President of World Shotokan Federation Pakistan

7- Founder of World Shotokan Research Council (WSRC)

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